# Go to production

Once you have integrated a test version of your service with the Swiftaid sandbox service and feel you are ready to progress to production you will need to do the following technical steps.

# Configure production access

Once our organisations have a signed partnership agreement in place the Swiftaid engineering team will create a new set of client credentials for your service with production API access and will also arrange a secure means of exchanging these credentials with you.

If your integration requires a donation source set-up in the Swiftaid charity portal then the Swiftaid engineering team will set this up for you as well. This will require the following from you:

  • A logo image file for your service, ideally in SVG format.
  • A definition of what you are using for your unique customer reference format, ideally this is just the charity HMRC customer number, but if you have to use an alternative unique customer reference we'll need a definition of that reference with an example input and regular expression for validation.
  • Optionally a URL for a charity user who needs help finding their reference, otherwise a helpful image file can be included in the Swiftaid FAQ and that in-turn linked to.

Switch your service to the production API:


By default your existing sandbox credentials will remain active for future development and/or testing purposes, if you have no use for them and would prefer the credentials be deactivated or you would like the secret cycled let the Swiftaid engineering team know.

# Integration testing

When your service is initially granted access to the production Swiftaid service it will not be enabled for real Gift Aid submissions to HMRC. Swiftaid will need to verify that the data coming through from your service is adequate according to HMRC's rules before it enables this part of the service.

To facilitate this verification Swiftaid will set up a test charity in the production system where incoming data from your system can be checked, you will be asked for the email addresses of anyone you want granted access to this charity (the charity portal uses a passwordless login system). Once the test charity is created a donation source will be created and the unique reference of this source used when sending in donations, these donations are then automatically accepted as test donations.

By logging in and checking the data in the test charity dashboard both your team and Swiftaid can verify that the data from your service is being accepted and processed correctly by the Swiftaid service. When everything checks out Swiftaid will enable real Gift Aid submissions for your service.